Empowering smaller institutional fixed-income investors to buy bonds cheaper
A Trusted Advisor to Institutional Fixed Income Investors

Demonstratable ROI

FALL 2023

Today the market is divided into two camps.  On one end you have the large very profitable broker-dealers with all the power, every tool, and perfect information.  On the other end, you have smaller institutional firms that are infrequent fixed income investors.  They have little resources, few tools, and even less information.  We level the playing field for the little guy in two ways, described below.  
1.  Providing Lower Bond Prices Due to Price Transparency

The number #1 advantage to hiring us is you can buy at significantly better prices.  That happens automatically and immediately simply by shining a light on the broker's mark AFTER you do a trade.  When the broker knows you will see what they marked the bonds and therefore what they made, they will immediately lower it to a reasonable level.  Why?  Because they will look greedy and be embarrassed. 

In addition, the ability to see prices, inventories and trades 
force the brokers to compete for your business resulting in lower prices.  This is the same market mechanism used by the biggest most sophisticated financial firms in the world to buy cheaper.  95% of the price difference between what YOU pay and the global financial firms pay evaporates the minute you have visibility or market transparency. 


The ability for buyers to see the prices in a market efficiently is a well-established way to force sellers prices lower.  This market dynamic is all around us.  It’s why prices are so low on Amazon.com. 

But using market transparency/visibility in the way BOND IQ uses it and in this market is new.   To help connect the dots, I created this short video presentation to explain the approach and impact.

We charge a flat fixed monthly fee of $500 per month or $6000 a year. 

You can try the service free to see the value of it BEFORE making a decision.  

We are significantly less than hiring someone full-time or outsourcing the management of your portfolio.  

For every $1 spent with Bond IQ, a client will generate a combined NET savings and NET additional income of over $10.  

Empowering Institutional Clients

Serving Banks, Credit Unions, Family Offices, Boutique RIAs, Municipalities and Native Tribes. 

Looking for more?  Click here for a longer more detailed video.

2.  Providing a Framework for Intelligent Bond Decisions

We are a source of unbiased information for the small institutional fixed-income investor regarding bonds decisions.   

Until now, you have had little choice but to rely on your brokers for information regarding bond decisions.  It's a difficult situation to navigate given all the conflicts.

We e
mpower smaller institutional fixed-income investors to make smart bond decisions by providing on-demand access to the right information when they need it.  Areas of expertise include: 

Asset Classes: We assess and frame up trade-offs between asset classes (i.e. Callable Agency vs Corporate).

Broader Look/Street Offers: We show you the best bonds where ever they are and competing street offers.  We help you assess trade-offs.

Pricing: We provide a summary of historical pricing data to support any buy sell decision. 

Netting It Out:  We assess trade-offs between bonds and present the best or top ideas with cost and a suggest a bid/fair level.

Municipal Credit:  We help guide an investors participation in the competitive and negotiated new issue market.  We also provide credit expertise and pre-purchase credit analysis and alerts to municipal credit changes in client holdings.

Confidence, Trust & Peace of Mind:

We provide shareholders, boards, and executives confidence that smart investment decisions are being made during a time of increased regulatory scrutiny and enforcement (including civil/personal liability).


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Regulators frequently complain that there's an
"over-dependence on brokers for information."  

Bond IQ provides peace of mind to depository executives and boards, by helping them conduct the necessary due diligence before making decisions in the bond portfolio.