Serving Banks, Credit Unions, Family Offices, Boutique RIAs, Municipalities and Native Tribes. 

A Trusted Advisor to Institutional Fixed Income Investors
Today the market is divided into two camps.  On one end you have the large very profitable broker-dealers with all the power, every tool, and perfect information.  On the other end, you have smaller institutional firms that are infrequent fixed income investors.  They have little resources, few tools, and even less information.  

See how we level the playing field for the little guy.  

Demonstrated ROI

We charge a flat fixed monthly fee. 

You can try the service free to see the value of it BEFORE making a decision.  

We are significantly less than hiring someone full-time or outsourcing the management of your portfolio.  

For every $1 spent with Bond IQ, a client will generate a combined NET savings and NET additional income of over $10.  

"What We Do"
a 2-minute video presentation

Regulators frequently complain there's,  

"an over-dependence on brokers for information."  

Bond IQ can provide peace of mind to depository executives and boards, with increased due diligence to bond portfolio decisions.  See more here. 

What We Do:  We shine a light on the broker's mark and commission AFTER the trade.  When the broker knows they will be checked, they immediately lower it to a reasonable level.  

In fact, 95% of the price difference between what YOU pay and the global financial firms pay evaporates the minute you have visibility or market transparency.   

"Try It For Free"
a quick and easy test 

Test the Impact Before Making a Decision: 
(1) We need to establish 
a baseline of where your bonds are marked today.  Start by sending Bond IQ a few recent trades and/or some recently emailed offers from brokers.  We'll calculate the mark/ amount you're overpaying and the income you are losing. 


(2) You simply announce to your broker(s) that you have hired Bond IQ to check and communicate their mark and commission after every trade. 

(3) Check any of the offers or trades completed AFTER the announcement.   You should see a clear difference in prices before and after.   
Try it.  

"Reasons to hire Bond IQ"

  • FINALLY, you have a basis for what is a fair price, mark, and commission

  • Save thousands on every trade

  • Achieve higher yield and earn more income

  • You can set and enforce policies that limit marking a bond

  • Shorten your duration, while maintaining your yield bogey 

  • Added “due diligence” on bond portfolio decisions

  • Added legal and regulatory cover during scrutiny

  • Shareholder and investor-friendly

  • Enables "best execution" with transparency

  • Enhances your broker evaluation and assessment